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Know your Camera

The other day I get a call from one of my acquaintances saying she needs a new camera and the present one is not good enough. This wasn’t the first time that I had encountered these lines. I asked for a cup of coffee in turn of the suggestion I would make. The deal was stuck and what all conspired in our meeting is all together a different story.

The availability of plethora of photography equipment has become so easy and cheap that one can see a DSLR in hands of almost everyone. You go to a holiday trip or an adventure trip before you can get yourself placed yourself along with your camera (for taking a photograph), you will find some already stationed and taking pictures. Of course there is nothing wrong in it and everyone has a right to stand with a camera whenever and wherever one wants to stand.

I am not disrespecting nor discouraging anyone at the same time I want to make a larger/bigger point here:  Operating a DSLR is not as similar as operating a Mobile Camera: Mobile cameras enable us to take great photographs at the same time they are far from being similar to a DSLR. People rush to buy a DSLR thinking that they manage to take good photographs from a Mobile Cam. There are many examples where you can find people able to take great photographs from a Mobile Cam but not with a DSLR or vice versa.

The point is very simple in both the instances the photographer knows the Camera very well (be it a Mobile or DSLR). They know its strengths; they know its limitations and play with them accordingly.

This is the point the photo mentors and gurus keep on emphasizing that one should “Know the Camera” very well.

Most of the photographers are happy taking photograph in Auto mode (that’s perfectly fine) but a little knowledge of your camera can enhance your photographs to a great extent.

There would be instances where the camera doesn’t capture the scene as intended. The knowledge of your cameras comes handy here. The moment one gets holds of a DSLR the biggest confusion arises by seeing number of buttons, dials (showing different modes) on the camera and not sure which one to press or not. This is the biggest problem majority of the beginner photographers’ face.

So to start with one has to “Know the Camera” first. The simplest way is to sit with your camera (preferably in the open) with camera manual and read it religiously. Read it twice or thrice and then make use of each and everything that has been mentioned in the camera manual. The navigation of the camera, its buttons and which button does what should be always in our back of hands. Though easier said than done but as you will practice things would become easy. And there is a saying “Practice makes a Men Perfect”. And I am sure if one does practice one can definitely become perfect.

I will continue talking about “Know Your Camera” in coming articles.

By Anil Khubani ‘Flyaway’

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