8th Issue of JPC Magazine Released

The 8th Issue of JPC Magazine is out now! 🎉

📖 The captivating world of photography awaits you! 📖

🌟 Cover Page: The stunning cover contributed by Saurabh Dhanorkar from Pune! 🌟

📝 Page 5: “Coming to Terms with Photography” by Dinesh Khanna.

🔍 Page 7: “Is Photography Dead?” A thought-provoking exploration by Vimal Parmar. Read and share your views!

📷 Pages 8 & 9: Photographer’s Profile: Get inspired by the incredible work of freelance photographer Raju Das from West Bengal. 🌏

🎭 Pages 11, 12 & 13: The Centre Stage is taken by Suresh Gyanchandani from Jaipur. Discover his unique perspective and journey in the world of macro photography in Western Ghats.

🖼️ Pages 14 & 15: Feast your eyes on the mesmerizing Photo Array by Mahesh Soni, Pavithra Vyas, Akash Rajurkar & Jaydevsinh Rathod. 🌟

📚 Page 19: Apni to Paathsahal guides you on how to become a storyteller from a novice. Unleash your creativity!

🍽️ Page 19: Photo Walk – Taste of Tradition: Jaipur Street Food Walk. Experience the flavors and colors of Jaipur’s vibrant streets through the lens!

👗 Pages 20 & 21: Explore the exquisite work of participants from our Fashion Photography workshop at Pushkar. Witness the fusion of fashion and art!

💬 Page 22: “What Members Say” – Dr. Amit Dev shares insights about our club and its impact on photography enthusiasts!

📰 Page 22: Stay updated with the latest happenings in “Udti Khabrein.” Do not miss the buzz!

🙏 A big thank you to all our contributors, advertisers, and the amazing back-end team who made this issue possible! 🙏

📚 Print copies have been dispatched to our valued subscribers, filled with captivating articles, stunning imagery, and insightful features.

Get your copy now and embark on a journey through the lens! 🚀

💻 Stay tuned for the digital version, coming soon for all! Get ready to explore the world of photography from the comfort of your screen.

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