JPC 11th Annual Photo Exhibition Award Ceremony

📸✨ JPC 11th Annual Photo Exhibition: Celebrating Excellence in Photography! ✨📸
We are thrilled to celebrate the remarkable talents who showcased their incredible photographs at the JPC 11th Annual Photo Exhibition! 🎉 From breathtaking landscapes to poignant portraits, your creativity truly knows no bounds.
🗓 Special shout out to the contributors of the JPC Calendar 2024 – your captivating images have brought each month to life, filling our days with inspiration and beauty. 🌟
A heartfelt thank you to our distinguished guests of honours who graced the occasion and added prestige to our event. 🌟
🏅 Congratulations to all the award recipients! 🏅
Your dedication and passion for photography shine through in every frame, and it is an honor to recognize your outstanding contributions.
Each awardee received:
🥇 JPC Medal – A symbol of your excellence and commitment.
📜 Certificate – A testament to your talent and hard work.
📖 Look Book – A collection of memories from this remarkable journey.
🎒 JPC Bag – A token of appreciation for your participation and contribution.
Your photographs have not only adorned our exhibition walls but also touched hearts, sparked conversations, and inspired countless individuals. 🌍

Explore all the Award Ceremony Photographs on our Facebook page, link

Let us continue to capture moments, tell stories, and create lasting memories through the art of photography. 📷
Thank you to everyone who participated, supported, and attended the JPC 11th Annual Photo Exhibition. Here is to another year of creativity, innovation, and passion for photography! 🥂

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