How to Make Your Photographs Prominent in Exhibitions

Without further ado will start from where I had left in my last article which was on “How to submit photographs for exhibitions”

A photography exhibition displays work of various photographers and each and every photographer has her/his way of telling a story. Everyone shoots different subject at different times and with a different perspective.

So how can one make their photographs stand out amongst that of others?

Easier said than done.  If one keeps certain things in mind before submitting the photographs for the exhibition this can be achieved too.

 Look for the Photographs that are Inspiring


One of the easiest way to start with is to look for the photographs that are Inspiring.

Study the photographs of famous photographers. Try to access what makes them attractive and Why do they look beautiful to our eyes?

What kind of photographs people or the audience likes to see.

Digital world has made all the above things accessible to all and that too with just a press of a button.

Learn from the Other Exhibitions


Another way of making your photographs prominent in the exhibitions is to see the work of photographers that has already been displayed in the exhibitions. See what kind of photographs make to the exhibitions. Bench mark certain exhibitions and study their criterion of screening. This may sound absurd but with practice your eyes will get hold of the same quite easily. After all you are a Photographer and nothing can miss a ‘Photographer’s Eye’.

After doing so you would be able to make out to a certain extent that the kind of photographs that we submit for the exhibition are not the ones that you should have submitted but there were many good photographs with you that you didn’t submit.

The KISS Principle


A few years back when I read about the above line, I was quite astonished and somewhat confused about what the line “The KISS Principle” really meant?

As of today feel that this if one takes care of this Principle your photographs would start looking prominent in the exhibitions.

Coming back to ‘The KISS Principle’ …What does this really means?



Yes it is true and it works. Majority of the photographers that submit photographs for the exhibitions send the photographs which are too complex and quite difficult to understand.

The easiest way is to follow this principle and be as SIMPLE as possible. Don’t make things complex.

Click the photographs in the most Simple Way and I am sure the results would be much better than one tries to click them in a complex way.

I will continue talking about “Make Your Photographs Prominent in Exhibitions” in my coming articles.

The author is Anil Khubani ‘Flyaway’

Professional Photographer &

Founder: Jaipur Photographers’ Club

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