Heritage Photo Walk

📸✨ Join us for a mesmerizing journey through time as the Jaipur Photographers’ Club invites you to embark on a Heritage Photo Walk through the enchanting lanes of the old pink city on 10th Dec ’23! 🏰❄️

🚶♂️ Stroll through the historic streets and capture the timeless beauty of Jaipur’s architecture amidst the winter charm. From majestic architecture to vibrant colours, every corner tells a story waiting to be preserved through your lens. 🏰📷

🗓️ Date: 10th December 2023

🕒Time: 7:30 AM

📍 Meeting Point: Jaleb Chowk, City Palace, Jaipur

After the captivating photo walk, we invite you to join us for a cozy post-walk gathering with piping hot tea and delicious kachoris! ☕🍴 Share your experiences, connect with fellow photographers, and relish the warmth of Jaipur’s hospitality.

📌 Highlights:

Heritage Photo Walk through the old pink city

Winter-themed photography opportunities

Networking with fellow photography enthusiasts

Post-walk tea and kachori gathering

📢 Don’t miss this unique opportunity to capture the essence of Jaipur’s rich heritage in the winter glow. Whether you are a seasoned photographer or just starting, this event promises to be a delightful blend of history, art, and camaraderie. 🎉📸

Spread the word, tag your photographer friends, and let us create a visual symphony of Jaipur’s timeless beauty together! 🌆📷

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