Heritage Photo Exhibition Submissions

As the 10 Heritage Photo Walks culminated on 2nd Sept’18 at Panna Meena Kund, Amber. It’s time to gear up for Photo Exhibition.

The Photographs would be selected from the submission made here through the form below.

Rules & Regulations (Please read carefully)

  1. Only those participants can submit who have joined any of the Heritage Photo Walks (We have list of all the participants for all the walks with us)
  2. Each participant can submit a maximum of 20 Photographs from all the Photo Walks.  No photograph to exceed 3 mb in size. The form would not accept any photograph beyond 3 mb.
  3. Submissions would end at 11:55 pm on 7th Sept’18. (Post this we will not consider any entry)
  4. Those who have already submitted on fb event wall are requested to re-submit here.
  5. Photographs should be without any water mark or logo or name.
  6. Allowed Post processing: Dodging, Burning, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Cropping & Sharpening.
  7. The photographs will go through a Pre-Screening & Screening process by a panel of judges and the Top 100 Photographs would be displayed in the exhibition.
  8. The copyright of the Photo belongs to the Photographer and the photographs would be used for display & promotions purposes.
  9. The decision of the organisers would be final and binding.
  10. We will not consider any photograph which any of the above rules.

In case of any clarification mail at info@jpc.rocks or jaipurmerashehar@gmail.com


    I have read the rules and regulations and agree to them.

    Rename your file as Your_Name-Photo_Location.jpg (ie. Rahul_Sharma-Albart_Hall.jpg). Maximum Photographs allowed 20 per participant.

    Max. size of each photograph shouldn't exceed 3 MB. You will not be able to upload in case the photograph is more than 3 MB.

    This form accepts only eight attachments (photographs). If you want to upload more than eight photos, please submit this form again with same details. If you are having problem to upload then you can send photographs directly in the form format to info@jpc.rocks

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