Magazine Submissions

Submit your work for JPC Magazine. 

The work can be submitted for the following (Only One in one Form)

Use the following link for submitting entries for the Magazine.

Cover Photo | Photo Feature | Photo Story | Photographer’s Profile

Cover Photo: You can submit your photographs to appear on the cover page of the magazine. The photograph has to be an amazing piece of photography and can be of any theme. The sample of the cover photo is shown below.

Photo Feature: Get your clicked photographs featured in the magazine. One can submit 1 to 5 photographs. Please mention captions as well as EXIF data of the photograph. The sample of the Photo Feature is shown below:

Photo Story: Tell stories through the photographs along with the content (text). The photo story must contain at least 8 to 10 photographs along with write up of 300 to 400 words. Don’t forget to mention the EXIF and Captions for each photograph. The sample of the photo story is shown below:

Photographer’s Profile: Share your photography journey with us, like what you do? How you entered photography? What do you like to click? Maximum words 200