JPC: “The Shooting Stars” Lounge

One of the additional features of The 5th Annual Photo Exhibition of Jaipur Photographers’ Club was creation of a special Lounge area where the work of Shri Sudhir Kasliwal was displayed along with his book “Wander.Lens”.

Shri Sudhir Kasliwal’s work got tremendous appreciation from all the visitors.

It was privilege for “The Shooting Stars” of the Jaipur Photographers’ Club viz : Varun Pandey, Ramakant Sharda & Anil Khubani to have their work displayed in the specially created lounge.

The lounge had sitting arrangement so that people visiting the gallery can sit freely and easily to have a look at the work done by “The Shooting Stars”.

Here are some of the photographs showing “The Shooting Stars” Lounge. The Lounge got an overwhelming response and this can be seen in the photographs.

[URIS id=572]